Questions & Answers

Q:  Do I have to enter a ship address if I reserve?

A:  Yes, you can enter the same address as your billing or enter your college address. 

Q:  Can I have my books shipped to my dorm room?

A:  No, we do not ship to campus addresses, orders must be picked up in the store.

Q:  When is my credit card charged?

A:  All credit cards are charged at the time the order is processed through the store. 

Q:  Can I pay with my financial aid money on my student ID?

A:  No, all web orders must be paid for via credit card.  The order will NOT be completed if you do not enter a valid credit card.

Q:  When do I have to pick up my order?

A:  Orders must be picked up by the first day of classes.

Q:  How do I know if my order is complete?

A:  All orders will receive a confirmation number.  If you don't get one upon completion of your order, your order is not complete and you will need to try again.   The email will state that your order is shipped – even if it is reserved.   

Q:  What happens if I need to return a book?

A:  You need to bring your original packing slip and the book to the bookstore; a credit will be issued to your credit card.

Q:  When are the books available to order?

A:  Books are available between two and four weeks prior to class.

Q:  What if I order a used book and you don't have it?

A:  We will substitute new for used and vice versa, this change will be reflected on your packing slip.

Q:  What if you don't have a book that I ordered?

A:  If we are out of a book, your packing slip will reflect a note indicating the change in your order, your credit card will be charged only for the books that you receive in the box.

Q:  Where do I pick up my order?

A:  The reserved books are typically in a designated area, check with the bookstore for directions.

Q:  Do I need anything special to pick up my order?

A:  Yes, you will need your confirmation number and a picture ID (student ID or driver’s license).  You will need to sign for your order.

Q:  What happens when I don't receive a confirmation email?

A:  This indicates that your order did not go through. 

Q:  What do I do when my email and password do not work?

A:  You can enter another email address, you do not have to use your Mansfield address.

Q:  Is there any place that I can make comments or ask questions about an item on my order?

A:  Yes, there is a comment field when you are checking out, special shipping instructions is where you can add a comment. 

Q:  Where do I return my rented books?

A:  Books rented from the campus bookstore must be returned during the week of finals.  Failure to return your books will result in extra fees.