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These promotions are also included with the 20% Off Sale we have every Friday and Saturday. Just think of the savings $$$$

Black Hoodie Color Crew MU Seal TShirt                                 

These hoodies are running out, make sure you            These crews will put you in the mood                      Extremely popular item that we just

 stop in and get one before they are gone!                     for Spring. Available in Turquoise,                          restocked. Come in and get yours.

Only $25.00!                                                                   Pink, and Periwinkle. Only $15.00!                         Only $10.00!

Fleece 1/4 Zip MU Seal Long Sleeve TShirt MU Seal Crew

These comfortable fleece jackets come in ivory,            Get a long sleeve tee for the spring. There is          We have additional stock in the black

 pink/gray, black, charcoal and red. You can't go             light gray, charcoal and black.                                MU Seal crews!

wrong. Only $29.99!                                                        Only $15.00!                                                             Only $20.00!

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