How to Order


How to Order Textbooks

PLEASE NOTE – ALL orders require payment at the time you place your order

Search by Course

1.  Select Term – GO

Select a Course

2.  Select  Department –

3.  Select Course #

            4.  Selection Section

At this point, the books that are REQUIRED or OPTIONAL will come up. 

5.  Select New/Used or Rent New/Used

6.  Choose “reserve selected books” or “add selected books to cart”

Reserve Selected Books - will be held at the store for pick up

Add Selected Books to Cart – the books will be shipped to your home

7.  Continue shopping to get another book

You will need to start with Select Department #2  and repeat steps up to #7

8.  “Save Cart for Later” or “Complete reservation”

(remember “save cart for later” means to ship – “complete reservation” means to reserve and have held at store)

9.  If this is your first time ordering you must create an account.  An account is any valid email and you make up the password.  This DOES NOT have to be your Mansfield email address and is NOT linked to the web advisor.

You need to enter your personal information, name, address, credit card information, etc.

ALL Rental orders MUST have a valid credit card that does not expire for at least six months and a government issued ID (driver's license).

10.   Review your order.

11.   Check Out – If reserving, the order summary is zero and the reservations have your total listed.  If the information is correct, select “place my Order”

12.   A receipt is generated with your order number on it.  (keep this for your records)