Book Buyback

At Your


Held the week of finals in the Fall and Spring Semesters

1.      We buy back new and used books that are in good condition, current edition, and the correct volume number.  You will receive the same amount of money for a used book as you would a new book.

2.      We buy back books, which are needed based on requests from our faculty for each semester.

3.      You do not need your original receipt to sell your books back.

4.      If the bookstore can not buy your book back it is for one of the following reason.

A.     We have not received a written request from the faculty member teaching this class.

B.     It is an old edition, and the new edition will be used.

C.     In few cases we are overstocked already.

D.     We have bought back the limit based on what the projected enrollment for a class size will be.

NEBRASKA BOOK COMPANY  will also be buying books at this time so make sure you bring ALL of your books. 

All RENTED books MUST be returned the week of buyback.

Warning! Do NOT leave your books unattended during book buy back week!!!  Report stolen books to the University Police immediately.  Stolen books are easily identified if a personal notation has been made by the owner.



Congratulations MU Graduates
and Good Luck!